Break the rules.

Break the rules in the photography composition

A tutorial on High Dynamic Range images

HDR how it works, technical and application . © text and photos by Frank Düpmann . The Dynamic Range (DR) of your favourite camera is limited - that‘s the bad news. It means that in „challenging“ light situations, either the higlights are blown or there are no details in shadows,...

Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Bassac River

I look for an image for this page that reflects the tutorial topic, and until today I was thinking that I’d have to break the pattern with this one.

Michael Freeman: Graphic and High Key

High-key means generally bright, low-key generally dark, though there are many variations within these.

Edward Mendes: tips for creating fall color images with impact

Catching lights in the autumn fall colors.

Michael Freeman: The Appeal of Many

Boils down to filling the frame with a large number of interesting and similar, or even identical, subjects massed together in some kind of pattern,