new Fujifilm X Signature program

Have Your Fuji X Your Own Way

Nikon D4s goes to 409.600 ISO

Nikon presented recently their new top of the line DSLR, the D4S, with a FF 16.2 MP sensor.

Just in Case, packing your gear

How to “just in case” packing your equipment for travel transportation by air or ground

Nikkor 400mm Lens

The Nikkor 400mm Lens is not only hefty in terms of size and weight, it’s a big price tag. However for those who need to reach out and…

Nikkor 24mm Tilt Shift Lens by Stacy Pearsall

Lens (mm): 24 ISO: 100 Aperture: 3.5 Shutter: 1/125 Program: Manual I know that it’s a matter of opinion whether a picture produced by a tilt shift lens is a gimmick or not. I’m a firm believer that with any technique or specialty lens in moderation can be useful – even tilt shift. My...

A guide for your Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Launched at the same time the new Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera reached the market, the new eBook from Douglas Klostermann is the essential guide for the new model, and a must if you want to completely control the gear you use. . © Text by Jose Antunes .   . The new eBook from Full...