Monopods are in Fashion

When I first started in Photography, a monopod (to me) was something I considered useless. I just didn’t understand it. I knew of, and had used, tripods and those made sense, but monopods?

A wedding album in 48 shots (part 1)

In this 4 part series I look at the 48 shots that I pretty much shoot on every wedding in one way or another

High key photography post-production tips

There is a lot of different opinions regarding the “high lights” post production effect, best known as “High Key”.

Amazingly soft light in a female portrait.

Reproduction of natural light environments using small flash heads and large light modifiers.

Using Neutral Density (ND) filters

At first glance, a Neutral Density filter – or ND filter, as they’re more commonly known – appears to be a fairly dull, uninteresting grey filter. However, ND’s are one of the most useful and creative filter types available and are particularly popular for landscape photography.

5 Tips for Travelling with a Tripod

As a travel photographer I need to be prepared for as many situations as possible, and for extended periods of travel it is essential to pack as efficiently and light as possible. I generally go out on a shoot with the bare minimum of equipment as I don’t want to be carrying around excess weight...