A wedding album in 48 shots (part 1)

In this 4 part series I look at the 48 shots that I pretty much shoot on every wedding in one way or another

High key photography post-production tips

There is a lot of different opinions regarding the “high lights” post production effect, best known as “High Key”.

Amazingly soft light in a female portrait.

Reproduction of natural light environments using small flash heads and large light modifiers.

Using Neutral Density (ND) filters

At first glance, a Neutral Density filter – or ND filter, as they’re more commonly known – appears to be a fairly dull, uninteresting grey filter. However, ND’s are one of the most useful and creative filter types available and are particularly popular for landscape photography.

5 Tips for Travelling with a Tripod

As a travel photographer I need to be prepared for as many situations as possible, and for extended periods of travel it is essential to pack as efficiently and light as possible. I generally go out on a shoot with the bare minimum of equipment as I don’t want to be carrying around excess weight...

6 tips to shoot in backlight

Whether artificial or natural, light is the key element, or foundation of any exceptional image. Knowing how to interpret light, and how best to utilize the type of light you are given at any moment will help you make the most of each and every shooting situation.