Composition in 5D part 1 – Introduction

One of the most difficult things to understand for a beginner (and sometimes also advanced) photographer

How to set your camera up for the perfect time-lapse

Looking to produce perfect time-lapse? Drew Geraci how to set up your DSLR in this video tutorial.

Supporting roles – using tripods and monopods

Tripod versus monopod- Ideally you will have both amongst your photographic gear, but when should you use one rather than the other?

Double exposure

Double exposure combines different images. Historically, many old manual cameras would have a ‘multiple exposure’ lever.

Creative Rim Light Tutorial

Artificial lighting in a portrait is very subjective and, once you have mastered the various types and basic techniques of photography lighting…

Monopods in Sport Photography

Monopod, Stick, Unipod, One Legged Tripod what ever you want to call it, is one of the main pieces of equipment that I use on a daily basis being a sports photographer.