Interview with Gigi Soldano

Interview to the famous italian sports photographer Gigi Soldano

Interview with Alberto Pizzoli

Alberto Pizzoli’s images are a record of the most important international news stories of the past 30 years. A constant yet discreet presence that has provided the leading news agencies with historic images

Interview with Drew Gardner

Interview with Drew Gardner . How did you start as a photographer? At 14 I really did not know what I wanted to do until my Dad bought a Practica LTL3 camera, I was hooked. I saved every penny I could form my paper round and when I was 15 I bought a Canon A1 (which I still have) I had a keen...

Leopards, Lava & Lizards: an interview with photographer Sue Flood

she was an Associate Producer on the award-winning series ‘The Blue Planet’ and ‘Planet Earth’, She is now a professional wildlife and travel photographer whose clients include the BBC, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet.

Jacob James’ EXPOSED interviews

Top humanitarian, travel and cultural documentary photographers and film makers in the world.

Interview with Tomaso Cariboni

Ciao Tomaso, let’s start from the beginning. Tell us a little about you, and what you do now? Everything starts with a huge ball of compressed stuff that, abruptly, explodes into galaxies. Then comes the dinosaurs, the clubs and the bible and everything gets messy again. Within that brawl my...