How did you shoot that

High key photography post-production tips

There is a lot of different opinions regarding the “high lights” post production effect, best known as “High Key”.

Reflections on Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a wide enough subject to escape the possibility of being covered in one article. . © Text and Photos by Giorgio Trucco . Know what you want! Hundreds of books and articles have already been written, and little can be added without running the risk of being just a...

Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Just a gesture
Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Bassac River

I look for an image for this page that reflects the tutorial topic, and until today I was thinking that I’d have to break the pattern with this one.

José Antunes: How did you shoot that – The intimacy of orchids

Going into the intimacy of flowers is only open to those that use macro lenses, a moment when backgrounds almost vanish and you're in a brave new world. . © Text and Photos by Josè Antunes . I recently came across a comment on a website, someone claiming that everybody was photographing...

Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Udon Noodles

A food still life assignment in London