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Adam Barker: Unconventional Portrait Tips

Get a willing subject, some decent light and a good bit of creative drive and you’re bound to product something new and inspiring!

5 Tips for Better Travel Photographs

Tips for travel photographers, lose your guide book…

Adam Barker: Five tips to help your creative drought

Some tips for creative photographers . © Text and Photos by Adam Barker . We’ve all been there.  You know--that dark, lonely, nether-region of non-creativity called rutsville. Whether you make your living behind the lens, or just enjoy letting your creative juices flow through the click...

Top 5 ‘Trick’ Photography Apps for the iPhone

iPhones and their contemporaries have a surprising amount of processing-power, and plenty of apps make use of that power to do clever things to images as soon as you have taken them.

Reflections on Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is a wide enough subject to escape the possibility of being covered in one article. . © Text and Photos by Giorgio Trucco . Know what you want! Hundreds of books and articles have already been written, and little can be added without running the risk of being just a...

Edward Mendes: Tips for Making Great Winter Photographs

Winter is here in full force and that usually means photographers start to go into a state of creative hibernate for the winter.