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Stefan Steinmann: Breaking my rules

In the article I want to tell you something about the sentence: Never say never. . © text and photos: Stefan Steinmann . Before mid of November it was really the fact that all my pictures were not manipulated by Photoshop. Of cause I sometimes adjusted the brightness and the contrast, I...

Michael Freeman: Fog and Mist

Atmosphere, mood, more atmosphere! Foggy days are not so common that we get tired of looking at the evocative scenes that they can offer.

Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Crossed Polarizers

A chance to produce creative image with crossed polarizers

Workshop with Bruno D’Amicis and Luciano Gaudenzio – ABRUZZO: ALL THE COLORS OF THE MOUNTAIN

Photography workshop with Bruno D'Amicis and Luciano Gaudenzio ABRUZZO: ALL THE COLORS OF THE MOUNTAIN Gran Sasso National Park- Monti della Laga (Abruzzo) 9-12 June 2011 Seats for the workshops are limited. * For more information and to download the PDF in italian...

Frank Düpmann: New Light – New Colors – New Fun

Change colors of your pictures with the infrared photography