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And Now a Magazine – Photograph

Learning photography as been  a new experience with the online world. There are new challenges to photographers with the web, but there are also new horizons. . © Text by Jose Antunes . Like the world of digital magazines that give you visions harder to reach before. PHOTOGRAPH is such an...

Edward Mendes: Tips for Making Great Winter Photographs

Winter is here in full force and that usually means photographers start to go into a state of creative hibernate for the winter.

Jerod Foster – Finding Favorites: Revisiting Your Archives

The experience you remember can be an emotional attachment to the frame’s subject, or it might be the logistical headache that at the very last minute came together magically.

Frank Düpmann: Geotagging

Today, metadata can be easily added to pictures, some stored by the camera itself in the EXIF parameters or manually be added later in postprocessing as IPTC metadata.

Michael Freeman: Managing images

How to bring order to our photo archive