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Gitzo Traveller review

The Gitzo Traveler tripod test in Zao Moutain range in Yamagata prefecture to shoot frost-covered trees, which can only be seen from December to March.

Shooting in Namibia, lightning, tripods and monopods on the road

Experience working in Namibia deserts with Manfrotto tripods . © Text and Photos by Christian Patrick Ricci . Deciding to experience …

Make your Mark

I was approached by ALU in Bassano del Grappa to participate in their “Make your Mark” project where they asked various creative people around the globe to interpret how they made their various marks on the world.

Kazuyuki Okajima: Taking photos with Gitzo’s Ocean tripod

Most people think that the only purpose of tripods is preventing hand shake.

Choosing a Tripod – With Simon King

Simon talks about the pros and cons of different types of tripods! .   Even as a young child, Simon King was passionate about the natural world. Being savaged by a rabid cheetah, charged at by rhinos and elephants and defecated upon by a long list of birds may sound like hell to some....