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Creative Rim Light Tutorial

Artificial lighting in a portrait is very subjective and, once you have mastered the various types and basic techniques of photography lighting…

Melissa Mercier: Dextrophobia – Fear of things to the right side of the body

A music box should represent comfort, security, hope and dreams, but if you suffer from dextrophobia and it's placed on the right side of your body even this innocent children's toy becomes unbearable. People who suffer from this phobia fear anything placed on their right side. Odd, but true. I...

Melissa and the self portrait #19: Scolionophobia; The fear of school.

Remember your first day of school? That day is filled with excitement, fear, change, bravery and the crossing of a threshold. I am a bilingual Canadian, but I grew up speaking only french in the province of Quebec. This self portrait reminds me of the courage that it took to leave my small home...

Melissa and the self portrait #18:Looking into a mirror

Looking into a mirror is like peering into the eyes of God. There are no lies, no places to hide from the truth that comes from within. I imagine the fear of looking into a mirror is really the fear of facing one's self. I played with these ideas in this self portrait, keeping the focus on my...


The MSoX met Photographer Relations Manager Christian Nørgaard from Hasselblad at Photokina 2010.