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José Antunes: How did you shoot that – The intimacy of orchids

Going into the intimacy of flowers is only open to those that use macro lenses, a moment when backgrounds almost vanish and you're in a brave new world. . © Text and Photos by Josè Antunes . I recently came across a comment on a website, someone claiming that everybody was photographing...

Melissa Mercier: Dextrophobia – Fear of things to the right side of the body

A music box should represent comfort, security, hope and dreams, but if you suffer from dextrophobia and it's placed on the right side of your body even this innocent children's toy becomes unbearable. People who suffer from this phobia fear anything placed on their right side. Odd, but true. I...

Nicola Cocco: How did you shoot VII – Fighters

This works starts with an encounter with Alessandro who is a young Muay Thai Kru (“Kru” means instructor).

Matthias Hombauer – Concert Photography: why ultra wide angle lenses rock!

If you want to go one step up then get an ultrawide angle lens.

Michael Freeman: How Did You Shoot That? – Darfur women

I was in the middle of a two-year book project on the country (Sudan: The Land and the People)