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Amazingly soft light in a female portrait.

Reproduction of natural light environments using small flash heads and large light modifiers.

6 tips to shoot in backlight

Whether artificial or natural, light is the key element, or foundation of any exceptional image. Knowing how to interpret light, and how best to utilize the type of light you are given at any moment will help you make the most of each and every shooting situation.

Create Black-and-White Images in Lightroom

Black and white – The easy way to create images in Lighroom

Anna Barbera

Anna Barbera

“Il Difetto” Photo project

Manfrotto asked me to try some of their new led light in one of my works. As soon as I got the Spectra and Maxima84 led lighting I took the chance right away to try their new product in a project called “Il Difetto” witn an exceptional model, a book writer, Rossella Rasulo.