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Supporting roles – using tripods and monopods

Tripod versus monopod- Ideally you will have both amongst your photographic gear, but when should you use one rather than the other?

Spectra LED Lights: your portable sun everywhere

Photographers will love the Manfrotto Spectra family of LED lights once they discover their power and portability.

Monopods are in Fashion

When I first started in Photography, a monopod (to me) was something I considered useless. I just didn’t understand it. I knew of, and had used, tripods and those made sense, but monopods?

MT055CXPRO4 + MHXPRO-3W Product Review

Manfrotto has managed to come up with a new very interesting version of an already perfect tripod, the new 055CXPRO4. This tripod, in the kit, together with the new MHXPRO-3W three way head is probably the best tripod to have for travel, landscape and macro photography. Design and technology all...

Dean Blotto’s five golden rules

The Photography five golden rules for Dean Blotto