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Nikon D4s goes to 409.600 ISO

Nikon presented recently their new top of the line DSLR, the D4S, with a FF 16.2 MP sensor.

The Guide for Your Nikon D5300

Douglas J. Klostermann has published his newest guide, this time for the Nikon D5300 DSLR. A complete user’s guide that will benefit your photography.

<img class="alignright" title="Adventures in Light Shapers 1_doppia" src="" alt="Adventures in Light Shapers" width="320" height="428" / >We...

Workshop with Claudia Rocchini: How to photograph birds in flight

Nature photography workshop dedicated to techniques for capturing images of birds in flight. Participants are guaranteed to see wild birds during two feeding times, both in favourable lighting conditions and backlit. There will be a practice session photographing birds of prey from the falconry...

Luca Abete: OnePHOTOoneDAY

OnePHOTOoneDAY is an idea of Luca Abete that from 1 December 2010, decided to "stop" a fragment of his day every day take a picture and posting it, then, on the social networking world of photography An exciting challenge to the sound of clicks that thrives on ever new contexts,...