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Portrait in Bundi, India

People portrait in Bundi, India

Cree Indian

The Cree Indians are a vast tribe of Native Americans who reside in various parts of North America. These locations include the Rocky Mountain and areas along the Atlantic Coast.

The smoker

Pic of the day .   Camera Lens Iso Aperture Shutter speed Program Exposure comp. Nikon D3S 200mm VR 400 f/10 1/320s Aperture priority - . © Photo by Fabio...

Edward Mendes: How did you shoot that – The thrill of the hunt

How different it is to look at the world as a photographer. Over the last few years I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to visit Grand Teton National Park

Nicola Cocco: Chioggia

Of all different light conditions that photographers faces, overcast lighting is the one that may consider to be the safest. . © Text and Photos by Nicola Cocco . Overcast front light also gets auto exposure cameras to perform well, since overall illumination is balanced. The softness of...