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Part 6: Shot Stabilizing Equipment for Tracking Movements with Handheld Cameras

Equipment dedicated to tracking movements with handheld cameras. Steadycams and 3 axis stabilizer,

The Manfrotto Versatile Pump

The Manfrotto 241V Suction Video Support is your camera or equipment support for multiple uses. Just remember to follow the instructions!

Part 1: The Principle of Panoramic Movement and Selecting Site-Specific Equipment

With technological advances and the arrival on the market of HDSLR-type light cameras or the Cinema EOS system, everyone is seeking that incredible shot that combines slight depth of field, point changing, and stabilized movement.

Carnival – Venice

Carnival – Venice – winner of MSoX Contest Online

Call for Entries at the Photo Levallois Festival

Call for Entries at the Photo Levallois Festival