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Mongolian Soldier

Transmongolian Train China – Mongolia -Russia 2008

Saigon’s Photographer

Saigon’s photographer – Vietnam 2009

Sébastien Devaud

Director/ Executive producer for the past seventeen years, Sebastien Devaud is above all a passionate of the image.

Interview with Drew Gardner

Interview with Drew Gardner . How did you start as a photographer? At 14 I really did not know what I wanted to do until my Dad bought a Practica LTL3 camera, I was hooked. I saved every penny I could form my paper round and when I was 15 I bought a Canon A1 (which I still have) I had a keen...

Jose Antunes

Jose Antunes is a writer and photographer based in Sintra, Portugal. . “Less Gear, More Fun” is my motto. Travel as light as you can, and look at the world through contemplative eyes. Open your mind to the visions in front of you, to feel the “spirit” of what you photograph. SEE! Jose...