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Monopods are in Fashion

When I first started in Photography, a monopod (to me) was something I considered useless. I just didn’t understand it. I knew of, and had used, tripods and those made sense, but monopods?

Three Photographic Lessons

It’s that time of the year when people seem to have some extra time to read or learn new things. A good reason to suggest some titles to explore.

A wedding album in 48 shots (part 1)

In this 4 part series I look at the 48 shots that I pretty much shoot on every wedding in one way or another

High key photography post-production tips

There is a lot of different opinions regarding the “high lights” post production effect, best known as “High Key”.

Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod 190CXPRO3

The Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod 190CXPRO3 review