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Flowers Photographed My Own Way

No tripod, no macro lens, no rules to follow. These are my essential “rules” for my own flower photography. Here shared with the readers, with some more secrets for better photography and more fun.

Lens in sports photography

There is no one general rule regarding lens in sports photography.

Vanda Biffani’s five golden rules

The Photography five golden rules for Vanda Biffani

A wedding album in 48 shots (part 3)

In this 4 part series I look at the 48 shots that I pretty much shoot on every wedding in one way or another

Nature Photography: Svalbard – Norway

In the last 25 years I have visited more than 70 countries, but it is only in Longyearbyen – Svalbard – Norway where, in the hotel directory booklet, you will be able to read: “ please do not leave town without carrying a gun that you are able to operate”.