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Keeping your eye on the ball

As every sports photographer knows, when there’s a ball in play, it has to be in the frame.

Vanda Biffani’s five golden rules

The Photography five golden rules for Vanda Biffani

Monopods in Sport Photography

Monopod, Stick, Unipod, One Legged Tripod what ever you want to call it, is one of the main pieces of equipment that I use on a daily basis being a sports photographer.

Interview with Scott Kelby

Scott Kelby wears a lot of hats as a photographer. He’s known as “The Photoshop Guy” because of his vast knowledge of the program, but he’s also a freelance sports photographer, author, and teacher. We asked him to answer a few questions for our readers.

Interview with Action Sports Photographer Michael Clark

Michael Clark blended his love of rock climbing and photography to become the internationally published photographer that he is today.