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Carnival Photo Contest

Carnival Photo Contest is a way for photographers to present and show off some of their best photography. Today we want to challenge you! Share your best Carnival picture for a chance to win the new Manfrotto 055 tripod. Are you ready for more Carnival Games? Let's start! . Share on...

Parting With My Old 190 Tripod

Me and my old 190NAT3 tripod are not going to do much adventuring together for now on. I am retiring it from active duty. All because I fell in love with the new 190 series from Manfrotto.

Tripods: a Guide to buy the One You Need

This little guide intends to help you choose a tripod that you’ll take with you most of the time.

Skateboard at speed

Skateboard: This image was taken by mounting a DSLR camera on the front of the skateboard using a Manfrotto magic arm and firing it via remote contro whilst I was riding the skateboard.

Mexico: Cityscape of Dolores

A cityscape of Dolores, Mexico from a high vantage point after sunset.