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How to manage stabilization and movement with light cameras – part 1/8

With technological advances and the arrival on the market of HDSLR-type light cameras or the Cinema EOS system, everyone is seeking that incredible shot that combines slight depth of field, point changing, and stabilized movement.

Hyperlapse in Parco Pollino

Chiacchio and Walter Molfese, two Italian film makers, decided to put themselves to the test and attempt to discover the most beautiful places in their country using a complex filming technique: motion timelapse, or hyperlapse.

Sébastien Devaud’s five golden rules

The Photography five golden rules for Sébastien Devaud

Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk Goes Birdwatching

In Portugal, on the 5th October, the 6th Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk goes birdwatching,

The Transition from Assisting to Shooting

He’s one of the few people I know in the industry who got to a certain level, has managed to keep the wheels spinning for 35 years, and through it all, has kept a good head on his shoulders. He’s truly one of the most decent human beings I know, and the fact that I’ve worked for him this...