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Vanda Biffani presents: Working at Winter Olympic games

Join our webinar from Sochi Olympic Winter Games 2014. Sport photographer Vanda Biffani will talk about the behind the scenes of the Winter Olympics

Toward Mastery: The Journey of Craft

Join world and humanitarian photographer David duChemin as he talks about taking the long journey towards mastery of photographic craft. In a popular photography culture dominated by hot tips, tricks, and shortcuts,

David duChemin presents: “The Traveling Lens Two”

David discusses travelling around the world as a photographer. While so much is made of what gear to bring and all the fuss about safety, these are not the things that lead to compelling images.

Victoria Hillman presents: “Creative Nature”

For this webinar I will look at how to use composition, lighting and monochrome to produce creative nature images including images of some familiar plants and animals as you’ve never seen them before.

Ross Hoddinott presents: “Coastal landscapes – Light and Motion”

Few types of landscape are more popular among photographers than the coast. Coastal landscapes are ever changing, their appearance being hugely influenced by the weather, tide and time of day