Monica Silva’s five golden rules

Be curious. Observe. Inquire. Dip into it. Put yourself in the game to get that difference that makes unique a photograph.

Find an idea for a better shot. Before going out with your camera, try to find a theme, why you feel like shooting that day, otherwise you will have ordinary photos.

Get inspirations from great authors. Read many books. Travel and listen to people you meet. It gives you visions for projects to be developed inthe future.

Believe in yourself first and foremost. This is the pass for pictures that will remain in history. All the beauty of a photographer is in his shot, if you keep thinking that your photos do not comes from you, then change job. Photography is your reflection and it must represents you

The person you are photographing is a sacred jar. Must be respected. Understood. Listened. Only then you will be able to capture his/her true essence.

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