Daisy Gilardini’s five golden rules

Be there
It sounds stupid but if you are not there you won’t be able to get the picture. This means that you have to do your homework in order to always know where is the best spot to be and what is the best time of the day. I am on location ready to shoot usually one hour before sunrise and I stay one hour after sunset. In the middle of the day, when the light is harsh and the animals are less active, either I work on my images or have a nap and rest for the next shoot.

Your subject and your equipment
In wildlife photography it is essential to know your subject in order to be able to anticipate behaviour and catch the magic moment. The perfect knowledge of you equipment will allow you to be fast enough to freeze the action with the right camera settings.

The love and passion you will put into your photography will shine through your images.

In wildlife photography there is a lot of frustration involved. You can spend hours and hours and even days and/or weeks, at the mercy of the most challenging weather conditions without getting the shot you are looking for. Patience is simply essential.

Never give up! At the end you will succeed… if you are patient enough!

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