Emiliano Scatarzi’s five golden rules

The 5 Golden Rules of Reportage Photography

Be patient: in either a photo reportage or an anthropological portrait, the important thing is to wait. Before taking out your camera, make sure you’re presence is accepted, become part of the scenery. Once you’ve become invisible, get out your camera and start taking pictures; then everything you see through your lens will be much more natural.

Be respectful: your attitude is the only tool you have. If you demonstrate curiosity, humility and respect towards your subjects, everyone will want to make friends and let you take photographs.

Use simple techniques: don’t complicate things with complex methods of photography, leave them for artistic research or studies. In reportage, the important thing is to seize the moment.

Two extra days: often, a photographer is forced to take his work home after only a few days available to spend on location. Try to stay two extra days, as they will be the ones that reward you with the best shots.

Get involved: travel by public transport, trains, buses and shared taxis. Visit the markets and places where people gather. Behave and dress like the people around you. Accept offers of hospitality. The more like them they feel you are, the more they will accept you and the easier it will be to photograph your subjects. Recruiting a local fixer will help.

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