Part 2: How to manage stabilization and movement with light-weight cameras

Equipment specifically designed for panoramic movements without having to carry the equipment across space.

The principle of panoramic movement.


2- Mini Tripods and Monopods

Mini Tripods provide effective stabilization on uneven and inaccessible terrain.With monopods, the filmmaker benefits from significant stabilization and no longer has to support the weight of the instrument because the distance from the ground to the equipment is locked into the desired height. Combined with a small fluid head, filmmakers can also achieve quality panoramic movements in reporting mode.In both cases (mini tripods and monopods), a spirit-level is recommended as an accessory to ensure the accuracy of the horizontal and vertical planes.

Mini tripods and monopods
Mini tripods and monopods

3- Motorized panoramic heads

For a long time, large motorized panoramic heads have been the ideal addition to cranes on professional productions. Now with the explosive growth of technology and progress in terms of miniaturization, you can find economical automated 3D head systems on the market, and they work perfectly with traditional tripods.

Combined with new, light machinery like the Mini-Jib, the Slider, or Dolly, these electronic heads replace the motion control system on a small scale by programming precise movements (movement in time and variable speed) thanks to perfectly suited remote controls delivered with these heads.


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The original article was written by the author in French and has been translated for the purpose of the MSoX website.

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