Part 4: How to manage stabilization and movement with light-weight cameras

Equipment dedicated to classic tracking movements.
Tracking is often defined as movement parallel to the action, “Dollying” is often defined as moving closer or further away from the action.


2 – Dolly rail tracking shot systems

A Dolly is a relatively heavy camera base on wheels or on rails that enable you to create a tracking shot without fits and starts when you are doing a cinema shot.
A Dolly movement is normally controlled by a skilled operator.

To plan your investment or to prepare for use in a smaller-scale team, compact and light Dolly systems are available for rent and for sale.
Designed originally for ENG type video cameras, they are perfectly suited for HDSLR filming units or EOS Cinema;
I have not yet invested in this type of machinery, but in terms of quality and compactness, I have identified two models: the Australian Wallydolly and the Microdolly Hollywood Dolly camera.
Light and compact, designed for simple and quick use: in two minutes, these systems are mounted on straight or curved rails.
They will then allow you to create tracking shots with a camera mounted on a tripod or even on a mini-crane.
They are supplied with about 6m of straight or curved rails and a flight case.


Dolly rail tracking shot systems


3 – Mini-Dolly Table Tracking systems: Skaters

These models are devoted to tracking shots on smooth surfaces (table, flooring, etc.) and they are perfectly suited to the ergonomics of compact cameras.

Skaters or Mini-Dolly equipment feature the advantage of a fluid, tilting head, to which you can directly add wheels so you can optimize camera sweeps on the ground.
The Skater is so light and small that it can be used anywhere and gives you total control over your tracking shots, regardless of the direction. In addition to any sort of curving movements, you can precisely define with a laser system a rotation center at any distance while maintaining your point.
My choice, the Omni-Tracker Slim Line Pro, can easily attain very low camera angles and work in confined spaces It’s perfect to realize your “beauty shots” in macro!


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The original article was written by the author in French and has been translated for the purpose of the MSoX website.


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