Drew Geraci’s five golden rules

Wake up Early
Getting out of bed might be one of the most difficult tasks for anyone. No one likes it. The sun however doesn’t care how many times you hit snooze, it’s coming up whether you’re there to capture it or not. The best light, especially for a time-lapse, landscape or portrait photographers happens before the sun shows itself. Waking up early enough will enable you to capture those magical colors and make your subject look stunning. Just remember, you can alwaysnaplater.

Always Bring Backups
No matter how small the assignment always bring spare parts. Lenses, bodies, batteries, flash cards, card readers, anything that might fail or you might loose during the shoot, bring extras.

Utilize the Rain
Some photographers might hate the idea of a storm rolling in and drenching their work area, but just remember, rain is your friend. Urban scenes transform from dull to sizzling as slick roads become giant mirrors for neon signs, head lights and pedestrians. The look of water can drastically change the mood of your photo and allow it to take on a whole new appearance.

Make Friends
When you’re out shooting it’s always a good idea to make friends with the locals. A simple gesture such as “hi there!” or “good afternoon” can go a long way. Being friendly can often grant you access to locations you previously may not have been able to obtain.

Repetition is the Key
If you’re trying to get a shot and it’s just not working out, don’t give up on it. Keep trying it over, and over until you nail it. Your persistence and patience will pay off… or you’ll come up with something even better to shoot!

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