Manfrotto Pro Backpack50


Manfrotto Pro Backpack50

As a DSLR videographer, I inevitably have a reasonably large kit bag to store my camera bodies, lenses, audio equipment and accessories. I typically carry a 5D mkIII and 60D as a back-up, 6-7 lenses ranging in size and weight, a Zoom mic and wireless mic kit. When you’re out and about, travelling from A toB, then CDEF on a video shoot and when running and gunning, having easy accessibility to your equipment is paramount, nobody ever wants to miss ‘that shot’.


I’ve been using the Backpack50 for about 7 months now, it is my kits home, a safe haven to protect them against the elements and day to day use. The bag is constructed out of a hard material which works perfectly for protecting the equipment inside against any hard contact. It’s covered in spongy outer layer in black, so although it is one of the larger backpacks in the range it still remains discrete. The inner materials are very spongy and are customizable; great for a bag that has its contents changed most times I go out and shoot. I can fit in both large wide and telephoto zooms and a range of prime lenses by moving the foam padding to fit around the kit. This keeps them firmly in place, which stops them freely moving around when I’m carrying the bag.


I am continuously surprised at to how much equipment I can actually fit into the bag; imperative to video. You’ll see here that all of the equipment I need fits into the bag, with room to spare. This does inevitably make the bag heavy but that is what the multi-padded, multi-straps are for.

If you’re going around arid terrain with lots of walking, the benefit of having a waist strap takes on its own. It equally distributes the weight from your shoulders all the way through your core, taking the pressure away from the arms which is great, stops them aching when out filming!


I great example of using the Backpack50 is my new short ‘Waterhouse’. One of the first films I truly felt immersed in is Baraka by Ron Fricke. It takes you on a spectacular journey, allowing you to create your own narrative and story through the visuals, music and sequences of images. I often take this inspiration from Fricke’s work (check out Chronos and Samsara), and it transists very well into the personal work I produce. Every so often I have a feeling to go out and film something personal and unique. When I’m not working on productions I go out and film flowers and nature, my favourite hot spot is in Bushy Park. It is wild, the plants are beautiful and it is away from the sound of roads and distractions. The perfect location to switch off and focus on what I love to do; film the world as it is.


I spent two afternoons filming, I avoided the harsh midday sun by arriving and setting up to shoot for 3pm’ish. I was accompanied by the fully loaded Pro Backpack50, 755CX3 tripod and the Edelkrone slider+ in terms of grip, and on the visuals and audio side; Canon 5D mkIII, my full glass kit, the awesome SPECTRA900 LED light, Zoom H6 and the Canon 100mm F/2.8 macro lens.

I never quite know what I will end up filming when I do something like this, so I took my whole lens range with me; each lens allowing a slightly different perspective to be captured. The Backpack50 allows me to take a range with me, so I am not restricted by the size of my kit bag to what I can capture. The solid and strong fastenings keep my equipment in place, even when it is quickly swung round and dumped on the floor to quickly change lenses; the backpack is rugged and tough so it can withstand slight battering which is great if you are always out and about in the wild.


Regardless of the bags contents, it provides a comfortable and accessible solution to carrying and travelling with your array of equipment, it withstands my day to day use and I trust it to protect my gear. Ooh and there is a flip out pocket and strap so you can carry a tripod at the same time, so you can solely focus on what you are shooting!

Check out the ‘Waterhouse’ video here

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