What’s in my bag, street and walking travel version

Recently, I have enjoyed a 15-day walking travel from Florence to Rome so much that I have decided to plan more, and make it something I can add to my photographic activities.

For this reason, I decided to go much lighter in terms of equipment. Walking requires less weight on my shoulder, especially if I walk for many hours everyday. I knew this already from my wanderings in Venice, but I never did it so extensively.


For my traveling, street, and “walking” photography, I know use a Fujifilm X-T1, with a variable set of lenses, which makes me flexible and adaptable to every situation. Most of the lenses are prime lenses, which can turn a bit uncomfortable to carry sometimes, but they give top quality and consistence of voice to my work.

To carry such a setup, I wanted a nice bag, which gave me also the flavor of adventure and travel, so I decided to go with the new National Geographic A2140.

The Africa collection has always been my favorite and this bag is perfect to carry my stuff while walking. I use it when I do one-day scouting journeys, or when I am in a city, or during my trekking sessions.


And this is the equipment I “stuff” in it.



Fujifilm X-T1: Lighter than a Reflex, yet top quality camera. Great high ISO response, I love the film simulation for jpgs images. Love the sensor and the tilting screen which helps me in many different situation, when I want to use an unusual angle for my shooting. It is the perfect camera for the type of work I need to do while traveling, both for dimensions and quality.
Fujifilm X-Q1: compact, light but this little camera delivers a great quality. I use it here and there, it’s easy to pick from the bag. It’s a great “second camera”!


Fujifilm XF14 F2.8: I love wideangle lenses. This is not the widest I can have for my X-T1, but it is great for contextualized portraits, and landscape. It has almost no distortion so it comes handy in many situations.
Fujifilm XF23 F1.4: one of my favorite lenses. Equivalent to the 35mm, it is the lens I love to use while walking both in wide landscape and in cities.
Fujifilm XF35 F1.4: Gives me the look of the 50 mm, I love to use it for portraits, and events. Great street photography companion, light and discreet.
Fujifilm XF56 F1.2: This is an amazing lens. Super-sharp, it makes you want to use it all the time. However, I mostly use it for portraits, for which is perfect.
Fujifilm XF55-200 F3.5-4.8: When in need of a long lens I use this zoom lens. Great for details and for landscapes, and for candid portraits as well.


Fujifilm EX-F8 Little Flash Unit. Rarely I use it, but in case, I have a little source of light with me.
NEXTO DI: Hard disk with SD and CF cards inlet. Great for backup. I am a backup freak, so I keep always this HD with me.
Manfrotto MTT2-02: this is a little tool which I love so much. It’s small, a bit heavy but super solid and sturdy. I use it for long exposures and if I need special stability in some of my shots.
Notepad: I write a lot, so I always keep a pen and a notepad, to fix my thought, ideas or little notes.
Ipad: Even though it would be easier to store everything in my iPad, I still handwirte my thought. So I keep iPad for music, ebooks, and some handy apps like SimpleDoF, or for maps, or to track sunlight.
Extra Batteries: Always charged and never go out without.
Cleaning cloths.

An inspirational book.

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