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I am a professional photographer working mainly with tourism bodies, handling workshops and traveling. I love everything about photography, I do portraits, weddings, fashions, commercials but landscape photography is my passion.

Just recently I had a task to cover view places of attractions in Melbourne. I went to the tallest building in Melbourne, Eureka Skydeck 88, went to Melbourne Observation Wheel, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo, Kayaking on Yarra River or even juts capture the vibe of Melbourne city to complete my stories.

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I can’t carry a bag which is too heavy, I also bring my laptop too, after certain period I feel sore on my back and also there is no bag can store so many gears, I brought 2 camera bodies with me, 7 lenses and one of them is 70-200mm f/2.8, camera accessories like filters, shutter release, spare batteries, memory cards and also tripod.

So this bag is the solution, I can carry everything with this bag and also my tripod and drag it everywhere I go! It has rollers! Even when I go with plane I think this is would be really handy because it will fit most wide body airplanes hand carry but you still need to check the minimum weight.


I carried my laptop and also my manfrotto 055CX Pro 4 Tripod without any problem, so great and handy. As you can see on my photo there are few locations to photograph but it’s all about the places to see and visit if you are in Melbourne.


The Eureka Skydeck you need to use special tools to cut reflections from behind the glass, it’s not easy and that’s why you need what we call “lens skirt” basically like a wider lens hood but it covers all body, it’s very handy especially if you photograph aquarium and behind the glass.

For my landscape photography shots I always use filters to manage the light and create long exposure effect unless night-time photography. I metered my exposure correctly and calculate how shallow or deep the depth of field and always try to compose from different angle.

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I am a photographer based in Melbourne Australia, Landscape photography is my passion but I also do commercials, models, portraiture etc. I also teach photography worldwide, working with tourism bodies as social influencers, brands, airlines and many more. I love efficiency and simplicity when I am working as well when I am traveling, now I am working closely with Tourism Victoria with their social media department to promote Victoria through social media especially thru my pictures

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