Manfrotto Wedding Photography eBook

Wedding photography is so personal, and whether you are the photographer or the couple choosing your photographer style and variety will always be subjective. I have been shooting weddings for over 35 years, both man and boy and the one thing I know is that there is no such thing as a perfect shot list to cover every wedding but there is a basis of one to use as the structure of a coverage. My 48 shot structure allows any photographer, specifically ones who have worked for me, to make sure they shoot the basic variety to satisfy a client and ensure that the basics are covered quickly to allow them more time for creativity. The basics of the 48 shots are covered during every wedding to ensure enough simple variety for album spreads and reprint sales. The creative shots are taken to add the wow factor to the photography and to help separate you away from other photographers but more importantly are taken to make sure that every wedding is different. I hope this 48 shot guide, or at least some of it, will allow you to be more relaxed when shooting a wedding and help you tell the tale quicker allowing you to get more creative with the basics.
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