Manfrotto Setting up a studio eBook

Ask pretty much any photographer what the most important part of a photograph is and they are going to say the lighting.
Why? Well it’s the light that will help sculpt the subject, help create the depth through the use of shadow and add drama to the scene through shape and contrast.
The light that you choose to use is of course personal to each photographer as we all like things slightly different but whether you are a photographer that prefers natural light or artificial light, the most important thing is control and enhancement of the light on the subject.
Artists throughout the centuries have sought out a studio space of some kind to create in, a studio environment is the same for a photographer. The studio is a place that we feel in control and the confined space becomes a form of comfort blanket for many, but also a space that you know you can create in and allow complete artistic expression.
A studio can be a temporary space like a client’s home or your living room, or it could be a more permanent structure like a converted outbuilding or purpose built studio space. Whichever space you have it will still never be big enough due to your aspirations and adapt as your photography style changes as well as your budgets change. In this book we are concentrating on setting up different types of studio and looking at the space needed. We will also look at the kit we need to light our subjects, whether shooting on location or in the studio. We will explore the different types of lighting and accessories that we can use based on our budgets plus look at the types of photographs we can create.

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