Seascape Workshop in Melbourne

I am a professional photographer working mainly with tourism bodies, handling workshops and traveling. I love everything about photography, I do portraits, weddings, fashions, commercials but landscape photography is my passion.

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I handle normally one workshop every week and this time it’s in Melbourne; we went to Black Rock Beach and try to capture the sunset.

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I carried 2 bodies, and two lenses, set of filters, remote and 15” laptop, all sits perfectly in this bag. The best thing about this bag is it has shoulder strap, sternum strap and hip strap and divide the weight perfectly so you won’t have a sore back!




Few times working with this bag and I can say apart from its beautiful design, the functionality also well built, this bag can be matched with roller 50 and 70 too. It can accommodate 2 tripods as well, one the traveler one and the other one is the bigger one. Quite handy if you are working with two cameras at the same time.


Black Rock Beach is Beach with rock formation so we need to be very careful, use non-slip boots and also bring wipes for the sea spray. For shooting tips always use filters for maximum result and creating beautiful long exposure effect. I metered my exposure correctly and calculate how shallow or deep the depth of field and always try to compose from different angle.

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I am a photographer based in Melbourne Australia, Landscape photography is my passion but I also do commercials, models, portraiture etc. I also teach photography worldwide, working with tourism bodies as social influencers, brands, airlines and many more. I love efficiency and simplicity when I am working as well when I am traveling, now I am working closely with Tourism Victoria with their social media department to promote Victoria through social media especially thru my pictures

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