Manfrotto Backpack 50, the perfect camera bag for travelling

As a professional travel blogger and photographer, I am pretty much always on the road, often only back in the UK for a day or two before I have to pick up my bag and leave again.

Over the years, I’ve learned the impossible art of packing light, and next to my camera itself having the right backpack that’s comfortable and practical for all my equipment is so important to what I do. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had more than one trip ruined by having the wrong backpack!

That’s why I travel with the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 these days, and I know it’s a bag that’s got me covered no matter where I am around the world.



When it comes to travel photography, often it can be a case of less is more. What I mean by that is if you try and take all your DSLR equipment with you on the road – a wide angle lens, a zoom lens, a telephoto lens, a couple of primes, and all the other bulky items such as extra battery packs and filters – well, you’ll soon break your back.

That’s why you have to be quite picky with what you take, and even though the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 can easily fit everything in, I find it’s too heavy and doesn’t leave room for the day to day items you want with you.

Compared to when I first went travelling, I’ve actually streamlined my kit over the years, and now I just travel with my wide angle lens (Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8), my zoom lens (Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8) and a prime lens (Canon 85mm). Occasionally I’ll pack my telephoto Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens too but it depends on where I’m travelling to. Usually, as a rule of thumb, if it’s longer than two weeks then I leave it at home as I need to pack other stuff.



One of the things I love about the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 is how big the laptop compartment is. I have a hefty 15”6’ Acer Aspire that I use to edit photos and videos while sweating on the back of a bus, and most other camera bags don’t even come close to fitting this in, but there’s plenty of space in this backpack.

Also, I like that there’s a dedicated compartment for a tablet or kindle. Often, when my battery dies on any journey longer than four hours and I can’t edit anymore, then I’ve got to entertain myself, and I like how handy and accessible the tablet compartment is.



One more benefit of the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 is that it just about falls within the allowance as carry-on luggage for most airlines. However, it is worth noting that carry-on weight allowance is around 7-10kg, usually bang on what my camera bag is. Also, just a word of warning, but all airline staff, passengers and dogs hate tripods on flights, so watch out for this!


Another thing that’s important to me is sturdiness. The Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 is built so well, and even with one look you can tell it can withstand most things you put it through.

As I’m travelling all over, my backpacks really do get put through the mill being thrown on the back of buses and dropped by the side of the road, and I really do get a lot of satisfaction knowing that my camera equipment’s safe under that extra layer of padding.

However, when it comes down to it, comfort is still the most important thing that I look for with a camera bag.

With up to 10kg on my back, I know that I’ve got to have a bag that sits on my hips and takes most of the weight off my shoulders, and the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50’s got really thick waist straps that can fit all sizes.



What’s in my bag:

Camera Canon 6D
Lenses Tokina 11-16mm, Tamron 24-70mm, Canon 85mm
Flash N/A
Laptop Acer Aspire 15”6
Tripod Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fibre tripod
Camera Accessories Batteries, filters, memory cards, waterproof cover
Personal Accessories Diary, Kindle, sunblock, sweets


Bag summary – As with all Manfrotto products, the Manfrotto Professional Backpack 50 is a little more expensive that some other camera bags on the market, but you really do get what you pay for, and for comfort and camera protection you really can’t beat this backpack.

Macca Sherifi

Macca Sherifi

Macca Sherifi is a blogger, photographer and presenter who has worked in the travel industry for the past five years. He has travelled to over 70 countries, volunteered in Bangladesh and worked in both China and Australia.

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