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Engage viewers with stunning depth and dimension in your landscape, active lifestyle and travel imagery.

There’s a reason so many people in this world enjoy picking up a camera and capturing the magic that lies in front of them.
And really, there’s a reason we all continue to wander our own backyards as much as we yearn to visit the far corners of the globe. The reason? We all see in our own unique way, and when executed correctly, this individualistic vision is manifest in magical, memorable imagery that transcends all else and exposes our inner workings as landscape and active lifestyle photographers.

Composition is the most unadulterated expression of who we are as photographers and visual artists.

This vision is most commonly made manifest through the way we compose a scene. I believe composition to be the most unadulterated expression of who we are as photographers and visual artists.

Technique can be taught and equipment can be bought, but vision is singular.

To be clear, let’s discuss the true meaning and significance of composition. Composition is an intricate balance between the inclusion, exclusion and arrangement of diverse subject matter and other rudimentary elements within the photographic frame. Just as shutter speed and aperture form the technical foundation for each image we produce, well-executed composition is the creative glue that holds our images together.


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Raised amongst Utah’s Wasatch Mountains, internationally acclaimed photographer Adam Barker has a passion for photography matched only by his zest for life. Known for bold landscape and active lifestyle imagery, his love affair with exceptional imagery has translated into stirring editorial work for Outdoor Photographer, Skiing, Ski, Powder, Flyfish Journal, USA Today, The Drake, Mountain Magazine, and many more publications. He has drawn praise for his teaching style at workshops both domestic and abroad, and has drawn similar accord for his instructional DVDs. Barker has produced imagery for a varied array of commercial clients including Nike, Black Diamond Equipment, Volkswagen of America, Deer Valley Resort, Suunto Watches, and many more. When not shooting, Barker can be found spending time with his wife and three sons, or “product testing” in the mountains, on the river, or wherever else nature happens to call.

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