OASIS OF SILENCE – In the heart of Tuscany with National Geographic Private Collection

Summer breeze on the skin, the National Geographic Private Collection backpack, and the true essence of Tuscany to discover.

Surrounded by uncontaminated nature, in fields of gold and wildflowers…

My photographic journey starts as always with a slow and quiet exploration, to become one with nature, to make sure that everything remains exactly as it is.


I like to think that my photography is a journey through the world and through myself.

I admire how Tabucchi says: «A place is never just “that” place: that place is also us, to a certain extent. We had been carrying it within us, somehow, without knowing it – until one day, by chance, we happened to get there.»

With my recent move to Tuscany, a place of ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes, I am learning to find myself in its nuances.


I like to think that when I take a photograph, I’m choosing a fragment of the world that somehow already belongs to me.


Our world is too fast, and very often, too noisy.

Through my photographs I try to represent an oasis of calm, delicacy and silence in which everyone can easily communicate with themselves.



The National Geographic Private Collection has been an irreplaceable travel companion in terms of holding my equipment due to its unique style and exceptional space and a really important factor for me was the ease of use as everything was at hand, even when the backpack was on my shoulders.


Matilde Minauro

Matilde Minauro is a photographer based in Florence, Italy. Introduced to photography through the work and influence of her grandfather, she owned her first camera at age 8. Her studies in architecture influence her photographic style significantly, and this is evident in her use of lines and light as expressive languages. The atmosphere of her work is notably dreamlike, melancholic and quiet with consistently diluted and rarefied tones to define an intimate and profound space. Her portfolio is a secret corner of interiority, a collection of quiet poems that tell a story of almost impalpable sensations that words fail to express... A story that only light can delicately paint in every detail.

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