Our most popular articles of 2016!

Drum roll for the top 5 Manfrotto School of Xcellence articles of 2016! Discover them all!

1. 5 things you will need to consider when you buy a Sony A7RII or Canon 5ds or any other high resolution camera

Which are the 5 things you need to get the most out of your camera? Drew Geraci, one of our top ambassadors, investigate the key reasons to buy or not buy a high resolution camera.

Discover them here!


2. ND Filters – How to Use Them

A Neutral Density, commonly known as an ND filter, is a welcome addition to any photographer’s bag and allows for additional creativity in many different situations by helping to control light. Adam Jacobs explains us how and when we can use ND filters! Read more at this link!


3. Background Story-using Paper Backgrounds

Backgrounds can make or break a photograph. But why paper? Well it is relatively inexpensive, durable and a quick and easy solution to the problem.

John Robertson is a Manfrotto Ambassador and freelance photographer with the UK National and International press. Here, his tips about background photography.


4. Creative Rim Light Tutorial

In this tutorial Monica Silva explores the rim lighting technique and how you can take a creative portrait using it!


5. Prepared for Anything: Photographing Wildlife

Photographing wildlife can be difficult at the very best of times, so why make things harder?

If you’re planning a trip to photograph animals in their natural habitat, preparation is everything; from scouting good locations to carrying the right equipment – and hopefully some of the tips Aaron Nothcott is sharing with you will increase your chances of success!


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