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March is the month of women!

©Jen Rozenbaum

March 8th is the International Women’s Day and it is also Women’s History Month in the United States.  Photographing women is a great gift to give any woman this month.  March is a great opportunity to celebrate women by gifting the special women in your life a photo session, offer special sessions focusing on women, or by making it a point to photograph them yourself.

Here are some ideas of ways to document women – this month and throughout the year.

Make her feel beautiful!

Many women love having the opportunity to get their hair and make-up done or to get dressed to nines but find they don’t have as many opportunities to do so as they would like.  The art of the Glamor Shot is still alive and well thanks to photographers like Sue Bryce and Lindsay Adler who thrive on making even self-proclaimed ugly ducklings look and feel like super models.

Sue Bryce’s 28 Days Portrait Photography has already gotten numerous photographers up and running in under a month.


Make her feel sexy

Although many women give boudoir photographs to their partners as gifts, many more seek out boudoir photographs for themselves as a way to feel empowered and see how gorgeous they can be.  Of course there is more to boudoir than picking out the right undergarments.  Learning proper lighting and posing is key.  Check out these classes to learn the right techniques and the business of boudoir.  Jennifer Rozenbaum is a Sigma ambassador who teaches other photographers how to be successful through her online classes at CreativeLive.   Or, go the fine art route and learn Fine Art Nude photography with Lindsay Adler for a different take on this concept.

©Jen Rozenbaum
©Jen Rozenbaum

Celebrate Motherhood

Motherhood is a uniquely feminine endeavor and is an essential part of many women’s lives.  Offering sessions that focus on a women as a mother is a fantastic way to celebrate women.  Check out Photographing Motherhood and Moments in Motherhood for fantastic ideas on photographing all aspects of motherhood.  Many photographers have had successful sessions focusing just on Mom and her kids or focusing on just on one aspect of motherhood, such as nursing.

Document Her Days

Many women are the ones behind the camera most days, meaning they aren’t in many photos.  Give the women in your life the gift of a documentary session showing how they live their lives.  Kirsten Lewis teaches photographers how do approach documentary family photography with lessons that can be applied to women in any situation.  Check out her online classes or Making Moment Driven Pictures with an ebook, critique video, and walking through of contact sheets.


Pose her Better

©Jen Rozenbaum
©Jen Rozenbaum

No matter type of photo session you are holding, learning how to pose women better will not only be an amazing gift to your subject, but will also make better photographs all around.  Check out classes specifically focused on posing women or, if you know the basics but are stumped by certain features that you can never seem to get to look right, check out Photographing Challenging Features or Posing for Curvy Women.


©Jen Rozenbaum
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