360-Photo Tips

Corey Rich is a photographer, director, and Nikon Ambassador, with a background in the adventure sports realm.  Corey uses 360 photography to capture adventure sports and the beautiful scenery of South Lake Tahoe, California where he lives.


Here, Corey shares his tips for getting started in 360-photogrpahy.


Camera Placement is Key

When capturing 360-photography, it is essential to rethink how we normally shoot, edit and share footage. You need to become accustomed to a totally new, unique field of view, and how you draw a viewer’s attention to your subject. The camera will capture a spherical view of a scene complete with forward, backward, upward and downward angles, so it is important to make sure you have compelling content from all sides.

 Utilize Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories available for 360 degree cameras, many designed to help capture compelling 360-degree content. A must-have accessory is a small tripod or extension arm, which offer support and stability to keep the camera stationary during capture. A wide range of other accessories are available to suit any activity – for example, a surfboard or handlebar mount allows hands-free shooting and offers a unique, visually appealing perspective. It is also important for the photographer to make a stylistic decision if they would like the mount to be visible in the shot. Depending on one’s desired shot, some cameras like the KeyMission 360s offer a remote-control option to allow the user to remove themselves from the field of view. Finally, make sure your camera has a mounting screw like the tripod mount to attach a wide range of accessories.

Learn to share 360 Content correctly

When sharing 360-degree content, take the time to research which platforms properly support 360 still photography, as well as the nuances of editing and “injecting” video. Currently, the leading platforms are Facebook, Twitter and most recently Vimeo. Some apps, like Nikon’s SnapBridge 360/170, allow users can control the camera and automatically transfer and share photos from a compatible smartphone.

Be Willing to Make Mistakes

360-degree cameras are a new technology, it will take some time to build a comfort level! Get creative when planning shooting scenarios and be sure to explore the different features of the camera before going out shooting.


Learn more about Cory Rich’s approach to photography through his CreativeLive courses and follow him on Facebook  and Instagram.

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