Alexis Pichot

I was an interior designer for more than ten years. Throughout this period, I was particularly interested in living spaces, and this awareness plays an important part in my photography and how I approach volume.

Looking at an image through the viewfinder has always been a facinating and moving experience for me. I am especially captivated by the magic of lights, the power of a flame and the poetry of fireworks.

Several years ago, I decided to link all these elements to photography, specificallythrough the technique of light painting. Using a long time exposure and a dark environment, I cancreate an entire artistic universe of lights, giving life to static elements.

I draw my inspiration from the night, in the spaces and the architecture that surrounds us. My light paintings are created in real time, with just a single shot, and without post production. I have produced several art projects, frequently in partnership with both public and private institutions, most notablythe « Musée des Arts et Métiers » and the « Hôtel National des Invalides in Paris ».

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