Bruno D'Amicis

I am a wildlife lover and outdoor enthusiast with a soft spot for art, native cultures and communication. I was fascinated by the natural world since my childhood, so I consumed books, watched many documentaries and roamed countless kilometers to enjoy it. This passion eventually led me to a master degree in Biology. Since I first borrowed my Dad's camera about 20 years ago, I got hooked with photography, which now is my full-time profession. As I started showing my best shots around, I realized the immense power images have to influence our imagination and inspire people with the issues of nature protection. I treasure this principle and always use my images to convey a message of conservation.
It is hard to photograph wildlife in the wild, but I want to be true. So I stay away from easy locations or captive animals, but strive instead to give a wild feeling with my photos, framing my subjects within their context and patiently waiting for behaviors.
I think of myself as a specialist in photographing mountain ecosystems and wildlife,with enough experience to explain complex wilderness processes and concepts through my pictures. I also like to document wildlife research and conservation activities.
I often develop ideas for and work on long-term, conservation-oriented projects, using all my experience, contacts and available tools for achieving their goals.
My work is published internationally in magazines, books, calendars, etc. I won a few awards and traveled to several countries.
I never consider this as just a job. Preparation, commitment, experimentation, frustration and satisfaction flow together into something with no schedules or holidays: a lifestyle more than anything else. In 2008, I moved to live at the foothills of my beloved Apennines in Central Italy, where all this began and where I concentrate my efforts to document the unique wildlife of this region.

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