David Allemand

Born in 1970 , David grew up in Provence and spent part of his childhood in the Verdon. In love with nature and the great outdoors from a young age, he devoted himself entirely to his passion for wildlife and the picture in 2003.
He partnered for several years with the photographer Christophe Sidamon-Pesson .
He puts his photographic look at the world through his travels , near or far, to describe the nature that surrounds us. His approach to various animal species is always in the greatest respect for them. The use of hides, naturalistic observations and knowledge allow discrete shots causing no trouble, the first condition for the realization of a wildlife monitoring.
Through his images, David wants to communicate its sensitivity to protect a fragile and endangered nature.
With Stephanie, his wife, they share the same passion for natural areas still preserved. They realize together numerous reports in the French and international press.
Photos are regularly awarded in various national and international contests, including the GDT European Wildlife photographer 7 times and at the Festival of the bird where he was twice the Grand Prize.
A beautiful book "Verdon other faces " has been edited in autumn 2013 at Biotopes editions, the result of 10 years of involvement with verdon nature.

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