Florian Ernault

As I remember I have always loved to take pictures. I do not remember exactly my age when I started take pictures but I spent all the day long taking photos of rabbits…
Yes, Yes, Rabbits. My grandfather was a farmer and had a lot of rabbits. As all children I was attracted by those little hairballs.
That’s why I spent all my time taking pictures of them. I used my father’s photo camera, he was using it for slides creation, but my father never told me that there was no roll of film inside … You can imagine my disappointment when I understood it later, I have been duped. No more bunnies!
Over the years, as most of us, I took pictures of friends, holidays, the cat, the dog, and do not forget the bunn…
Then, the willing of taking pictures of the daily life has propelled me at the official status of family events photographer.
And of course family friends and friends of friends has asked me to be their photographer.
I am autodidact in everyday life, for some years now I am specialized in social photography.

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