Julien Gerard

I am 12 years old, my uncle introduces me to photography. He himself is passionate and regularly lends me his Olympus OM 10. He makes me discover the world of black and white photography and the mysteries of the lab housed in the bathroom.

I am 20 years old, studies are not for me ... I am a volunteer for military service in the Marine Fire Battalion of Marseille. I have the chance to go on a mission in Corsica. The largest forest fires, for 50 years, ravaging the island and firefighters from metropolitan France are called in. My Nikon camera is the journey. I don’t know yet but I realize at that moment my first story ...

I am 27 years old, I am ambulance in Strasbourg. Sometimes the SAMU, sometimes in private, the darkness of this profession morally exhausts me. I want to see people live, smile ... An opportunity to travel and take pictures presents a winter evening. I seized my chance and launch into this new adventure. I know taking pictures but live is new to me! I learn on the job …

I am 33 years old, I travel for a few years and I still love it ! I combine orders from French Institutions abroad for editing brochures to more personal works revolving around the human. Until then, I returned from each trip to Strasbourg. But my wife and I are taking a big decision. We no longer will go back. She now accompanies me and adopt a nomadic lifestyle. We migrate from one country to another depending on the work and we ask in Bali when we need a breather.

I am 35 years old, 2015 is a beautiful and great year ! I am now Daddy ! We return a few months in Strasbourg for the birth of our son but the photo and the trip are always present. I take this parenthesis in our nomadic life to work on a project I think for a long time, Change Face. The idea is to start in northern Benin to meet Bétammaribés. An amazing people who practice facial scarification. Starting October 14.

Appointment in 5 years more ...

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