Mickael Bonnami

Fascinated by photo and sports since a very young age, Mickaël BONNAMI is a French professional photographer specialized in sports and nature.
He bought his first camera to take pictures of Bordeaux football team trainings in 2005.
Spotted by a fan forum and ranked fifth in the annual L’Equipe Magazine Photo Awards (top French sports magazine), he became an Independent Photographer in 2008.
Thanks to his experience, he is an accredited photographer for renowned competitions such as the World Surf League, the Snowboard Cross European Cup, the French Ligue 1 de football, the National Badminton, Ski or Athletics Championships... and many other tournaments.
Mickaël photographs well-known as well as less mediatized sports and also gives pride of place to women’s sports.
Photographer in an agency for over a year, he was published in several newspapers : Le Parisien, Ouest-France, Sud Ouest, L'Est Républicain.
In order to share his passion, he created a magazine called Sports Aquitaine in 2011 and proposes photography classes since 2014.
Sports photography is not his only area of expertise, as soon as he has the opportunity, Mickaël practices wildlife photography in Aquitaine.

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